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  1. Plural of nipper

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Nippers in surf lifesaving are young Surf Lifesavers aged between 7 and 13 years old. Unlike senior Surf Lifesavers, the majority of them do not patrol the beaches. The focus for Nippers tends to be on fun, and surf awareness.
Nippers learn about safety at the beach. They learn about dangers such as rocks, and animals (eg Blue ringed octopus), and also about surf conditions, such as rip currents, sandbars, and waves. Older Nippers also learn some basic first aid and may also learn CPR when they reach the age of 13.
Nippers in the Under 14 age group are the only Nippers that may patrol the beaches. They are also the only age group that are allowed to start competing in the Senior competition.
Like their Senior counterparts, Nippers participate in regular competition against other Surf Lifesaving Clubs, at sports carnivals. Nippers are able to participate in a variety of Individual and Team events, including beach sprints, Flags, swimming and board races, relays, March Past, etc. Unlike Seniors, Nippers do not compete in Surf Ski or Surf Boat races, and they also use shorter Surf Boards than their Senior counterparts. Nippers start to compete when they are in the Under 8s age group.
Some clubs also have children under the age of 7. These groups, sometimes called Tiny Tots, do not compete or learn first aid and surf awareness. Tiny Tots' activities include games, wading and paddling.
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